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1820PTZ-414G32n Battery, S$51.13 New Batteries For ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Laptop Computer

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New ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Battery For Laptop Computer, S$51.13 Singapore, Southeast Asia Genuine / Replacement ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Notebook Computer Batteries With 1820PTZ414G32n Good Battery Cells. This 1820PTZ-414G32n battery can fast ship to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Replacement Battery 5200mAh 11.1V Black Li-ion1820PTZ-414G32n Battery, S$51.13 New Batteries For ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Laptop Computer, 5200mAh, 11.1V, Black , Li-ion

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ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Replacement Battery 5200mAh 11.1V Black Li-ion

Battery ID:NACUM09F365600B6O
Battery Description:Battery For 1820PTZ-414G32n
Battery Type: Rechargerable Li-ion Battery
Battery Volt: 11.1V
Battery Capacity:5200mAh
Battery Color: Black
Battery Weight: 300g
Battery Size: 225.40 x 52.30 x 20.20mm
Battery Cells: Grade A, 6 Cells
Condition:Brand New, Replacement Battery, 1 Year Warranty
Buy Note: For correct laptop battery, Pls carefully check original battery's shape, model, volt, interface location, fixed screw hole location, number of wires...
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ACER 1820PTZ-414G32n Replacement Battery 5200mAh 11.1V Black Li-ion
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Compatibility Of This 1820PTZ-414G32n Laptop Battery

This 1820PTZ-414G32n Battery Compatible Following Original Battery Number:

934T2053F , AK.006BT.069 , BT.00603.105 , BT.00607.114 , LC32SD128 , UM09F36 , UM09F70

This 1820PTZ-414G32n Laptop Battery Can Work With Follow Laptop:
1420p , 1420P-232G25i , 1420P-232G25n , 1420P-233G25n , 1420P-2686 , 1425P-232G25i , 1425P-232G25n , 1425P-232G25nkk , 1425P-233G32i , 1425P-233G32n , 1820PT-732G25n , 1820PT-733G16n , 1820PT-734G25n , 1820PT-734G32i , 1820PT-734G32n , 1820PT-734G50n, 1820PTZ-413G16N , 1820PTZ-413G32n , 1820PTZ-414G32n , 1825PT-733G32i , 1825PT-733G50i , 1825PT-734G16i , 1825PT-734G32i , 1825PT-734G32n , 1825PT-734G50i , 1825PT-734G50n , 1825PTZ-412G25I , 1825PTZ-412G25n , 1825PTZ-412G32n , 1825PTZ-413G16n , 1825PTZ-413G50N, 1825PTZ-414G50n , AS1420P-232G16n , AS1820PTZ-734G32N , AS1825 Series , AS1825PT , AS1825PTZ , AS1825PTZ-413g25n , AS1825PTZ-413G32n , AS1825PTZ-414G32N , Aspire 1420P , Aspire 1420P Series , Aspire 1420P-232G16n , Aspire 1425P Series , Aspire 1820PT , Aspire 1820PT Series , Aspire 1820PTZ , Aspire 1820PTZ Series , Aspire 1820PTZ-734G32N , Aspire 1820TP

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Solution to 1820PTZ-414G32n laptop battery not charging:
When it is found that the laptop battery cannot be charged, you can try the following methods to fix it:
  • 1. Check the power plan or power management settings to ensure that battery charging is allowed. It can be set to the default state if necessary.
  • 2. Remove the battery, clean the battery interface, and reinstall it to eliminate the problem of loose connection of the battery.
  • 3. Remove the battery, unplug the adapter, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to eliminate static electricity on the motherboard, then install the battery, plug in the adapter and turn it on.
  • 4. The adapter may be damaged, change to a different adapter for testing, try to use the original adapter.
  • 5. If there is a problem with the power jack, you can test it by inserting the jack tightly by hand.
  • 6. Mainboard driver problem, you can update or reinstall the mainboard driver.
  • 7. There is a problem with the battery itself, the battery is damaged or has reached the limit of use. A new battery is recommended.
  • 8. Our batteries are tested for charge and discharge performance before sending to ensure that you receive a satisfactory good battery.
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