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Singapore, Southeast Asia ACER '9' Series Laptop Notebook Battery

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    Rechargerable Li-ion Battery For ACER 940 Series Notebook Computer PC Laptop:

    Rechargerable Li-ion Battery For ACER 9530 Series Notebook Computer PC Laptop:

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    The Internal Structure of a Laptop Battery:

    The internal structure of the laptop battery is mainly composed of three parts: the battery core, the charge and discharge control circuit board, and the temperature feedback line. Among them, the battery core is the energy center of the battery, which is responsible for countless times of charging and discharging. The circuit board is used to control the charging and discharging of the battery core. When the battery core is short of power, it allows charging, and when the battery core is fully charged, it cuts off charging. Due to the large capacity of the battery cell of the notebook computer, there will be a violent chemical reaction inside during use. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the temperature of the battery cell must be strictly controlled not to be too high, and the temperature feedback line plays a very important role here; When the temperature exceeds a certain level, it will be sent to the circuit board through the temperature feedback line, and the charging can be cut off immediately.

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