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F.A.Q --Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my new battery be charged?
  • Please make sure you purchased the correct battery.
  • Check the connector of the battery to see if there is a foreign object blocking it, and if there is a broken wire.
  • Install the battery correctly and make sure the battery is tightly connected.
  • Charge using the original power supply.
  • Check your system's power management program to make sure the settings are correct and allow the battery to charge.
  • Update your computer's motherboard driver to make sure the software is up to date.
  • If the above does not work, please turn off the computer, unplug the adapter, remove the battery, and then press the power on button for 30 seconds to discharge the static electricity of the motherboard and turn on the battery after installing it.
  • If it is confirmed that the battery is damaged, you can contact our customer service staff to exchange it for free.

How to choose a laptop battery?

  • Take off the battery from your laptop, find the battery number (model, or P/N), battery capacity, battery volt on its lable.
  • Search with the battery number on our site, make sure its shape it most the same as our picuters.
  • Click to see detail, make sure the battery you choose can replace the battery number of your original battery.
  • You can choose an higher capacity for your laptop.
  • If your laptop model isn't list on our page, please told us this model when you fill shipping information, so our engineer can double check your item before sent out.
  • Add it to cart and pay for it, you will receive it soon.

How to find the laptop battery number and laptop model?

  • Battery number is made up by digital,letter, "-", space etc, there will be some words near them, like "Model, Number, [P/N]".
  • Look carefully on the lable of your original battery, you will find it..
  • Find the laptop model is easy also, it is on the back of laptop, or you can see it when you take off the battery.

What's the difference between the genunie battery and replacement batteries?

  • Genunie battery is offered by genunie company which the same as your original one.
  • Genunie battery have a good quality, long life battery cells, Perfect compatibility.
  • Most of Genunie battery have brand logo on its lable.
  • Genunie battery may have a higher price.
  • Replacement battery has a very high price/performance ratio.

The battery was 'out of stock' or 'coming soon', when i can buy it?

  • Just click the 'Add to wish' button, leave your email address, system will inform you when battery is in stock again.
  • Contact us by live chat or email to get more informaiton.

I can't find the battery or adapter i need?

  • Please show us some picture of your original battery or ac adapter, so our market team may help you find it.
  • Contact us by live chat for help.


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