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01J433 Battery, S$Coming Soon! Li-ion Rechargeable DELL 01J433 Batteries

Singapore, Southeast Asia New 01J433 Battery, S$Coming Soon! Li-ion Rechargeable 01J433 Battery For DELL Laptop Computer, Notebook, Ultrabook, ToughBook, Gaming PC, Tablet... Fast Shipping And 1 Year Warranty

We can send this battery to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

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01J433, DELL 01J433 Battery

DELL 01J433 Battery 4400mAh 14.8V Black Li-ion01J433 Battery, S$Coming soon! Li-ion Rechargeable DELL 01J433 Batteries, 4400mAh, 14.8V, Black , Li-ion

1 Year warranty & 30 Days Money Back.

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DELL 01J433 Replacement Battery 4400mAh 14.8V Black Li-ion

Name:01J433 Battery
Type: Rechargerable Li-ion
Volt: 14.8V
Color: Black
Cells: Grade A, 8 Cells
Condition:Brand New, Replacement Battery, 1 Year Warranty
Buy Note: For correct laptop battery, Pls carefully check original battery's shape, model, volt, interface location, fixed screw hole location, number of wires...
Coming soon!
payment of this  DELL 01J433 Replacement Battery 4400mAh 14.8V Black Li-ion

Compatibility Of This Battery

This 01J433 Battery Compatible Following Original Battery Number:

01J433, 07H508 , 08M815 , 1691P , 1K500 , 1X511 , 2M400 , 312-0009 , 312-0026 , 312-0028 , 312-0041 , 312-0051 , 312-0052 , 312-0115 , 312-0522 , 312-09 , 312-3250 , 312-3280 , 3149C , 3H349 , 3H352 , 3H625 , 3K120 , 461-6399 , 4K085 , 5081P , 5208U , 53977 , 5H980 , 66 WHR , 66912 , 6H410 , 6M934 , 75UYF , 77TCJ , 851UY , 8M815 , BAT-I3700 , IM-M150268-GB , X0316

This 01J433 Battery Can Work With Follow Machine Model:

Inspiron 2500, Inspiron 3700, Inspiron 3800, Inspiron 4000, Inspiron 4100, Inspiron 4150, Inspiron 8000, Inspiron 8100, Inspiron 8200, Latitude C, Latitude C500, Latitude C510, Latitude C510/C610, Latitude C540, Latitude C600, Latitude C610, Latitude C640, Latitude C800, Latitude C810, Latitude C840, Latitude CP, Latitude CP Series, Latitude CPi, Latitude CPi 233ST, Latitude CPi 366, Latitude CPi A Series, Latitude CPi A300ST, Latitude CPi A366ST, Latitude CPi A366XT, Latitude CPi A400XT, Latitude CPi C Series, Latitude CPi C333GT, Latitude CPi C400GT, Latitude CPi D Series, Latitude CPi D233, Latitude CPi D266XT, Latitude CPi D300 XT, Latitude CPi R Series, Latitude CPi R400GT, Latitude CPi Series, Latitude CPiA, Latitude CPiC, Latitude CPID, Latitude CPIR, Latitude CPIR400GT, Latitude CPM, Latitude CPm 166ST, Latitude CPm 233ST, Latitude CPm 233XT, Latitude CPM166ST

detail information

Question about the 01J433 laptop battery:

Seven factors that determine laptop battery quality:

  • 1. Whether using high-quality, long-life, or branded battery cells.
  • 2. Whether the original or compatible original battery charging and discharging protection board scheme is used.
  • 3. Whether a fine shell mold and shell material meeting fire protection requirements are used.
  • 4. Whether drop-proof, shock-resistant materials and assembly processes are used, and have passed the test.
  • 5. Whether it has passed the actual charge and discharge test.
  • 6. Whether it has passed the original computer compatibility test.
  • 7. Whether it has passed multiple international battery safety standard certifications.

How to choose the correct laptop battery?

  • 1. Use the exact laptop model or laptop battery model to search for the battery, do not search with abbreviations or substitution characters.
  • 2. Take out the original battery, carefully check the battery model, voltage, capacity.
  • 3. Carefully check the appearance and shape of the battery, including interface location, fixed screw hole location, number of wires...
  • 4. Carefully read the compatibility information of the battery to ensure that the battery to be purchased is compatible with or replaces the original model.
  • 5. Provide the correct machine model and battery model when purchasing.
  • 6. Keep the mail unblocked, easy to buy the wrong battery order, our customer service staff will contact you by mail.
  • 7. If you are not sure whether you have purchased the correct battery, you can email us the photo of the original battery or the model of the machine.
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